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I am practicing Yoga for a long time almost since my college days. At that time it was just another form of exercise because I was also into long-distance running, Gymming, and Martial Arts. Doing a lot of exercises unknowingly every day is not always beneficial, which I realized over time.

In 2010, I took advanced Yoga training from Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar. I learned that proper knowledge of what you are doing is equally important to take full benefit out of it and if improperly done it can even harm our body.

It is now more than 20 years since I started doing Yoga Asanas (Poses) and during all these years I learned a lot about them and I am always willing to share what I have learned with everybody who wants to maintain their health through Yoga practice.

I have been researching various aspects of Yoga Asanas from different sources, particularly from the ancient literature of India that contains the real meaning of Yoga and guides us to achieve perfect health in all aspects. 

Yoga is not about doing difficult Asanas (poses) for flexibility only, it has much deeper positive effects on our minds and bodies. If we start by doing simple Asanas (poses) as per our age, location, season, and health condition we will start realizing positive effects in our bodies.

This platform is solely created with the purpose to help people with the ancient wisdom of Yoga, who want to remain healthy, and those who are struggling with some kind of health-related issues. The regular practice of Yoga in a proper way can help all of us to achieve our target of maintaining perfect health.      


Rajeev Sankhyaan

Rajeev Sankhyaan

Rajeev Sankhyaan

Namaste! I am Rajeev Sankhyaan, having been dedicated to the practice of Yoga for over a decade, I am thrilled at the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for Yoga with the readers of TheYogaHealth.