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Agnisar kriya Benefits, steps, precautions

Agnisar kriya benefits are immense, it is a classic yogic practice that involves pranayama and asana. It helps in regulating and purifying the Manipura Chakra by flushing out toxic elements out of the body.

This Kriya is practiced by retaining the breath out, which is known as ‘Bahya Kumbhaka’. After keeping the breath out, stomach is rapidly moved in and out.

This Kriya is associated with the ‘fire’ element. It regulated the digestive fire in the body and cleanses the fire element of the body. This practice enhances the inner strength of the body. 

Agnisar Kriya meaning 

Agnisar comprises of two Sanskrit words ‘Agni’ and ‘Sara’. In the Sanskrit language ‘Agni’ means ‘fire’ and ‘Sara’ means ‘essence’. The ‘Agni’ stands for the element ‘fire’ which regulates digestion, elimination, and transformation in the body. In the English language it is also known as “Churning of the Abdomen.”

This kriya tones up and strengthen the core muscles and digestive organs. 

In Hatha Yoga, Agnisar Kriya is also mentioned as “Vahnisara Dahuti”, where “Vahni” is referred to as ‘fire’ and ‘Dahuti’ as ‘cleansing’. This Kriya creates heat in the body and also purifies the Manipura Chakra. 

This kriya purifies the digestive system and is performed as an initial practice to prepare the body for “Nauli Kriya”. It eliminated toxins from the body and prevents many diseases and also strengthens the immune system. 

Agnisar Kriya Analysis

Agnisar Kriya, a practice with transformative effects, contributes to the enhancement of digestion, metabolism, toxin elimination, and overall vitality. Let’s delve into its intricate mechanisms through the following aspects:

1. Improving the Digestive Fire

Engaging in Agnisar Kriya involves rhythmic contractions and relaxations of the abdomen, exerting gentle pressure on internal organs. This action fortifies the abdominal muscles and organs, promoting their optimal functionality. Consequently, it stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, igniting the digestive fire, and facilitating the absorption of vital nutrients from consumed food.

2. Eliminating Body Waste

During Agnisar Kriya, emphasis is placed on exhaling and swiftly contracting the abdominal muscles and organs. The dynamic expansion and contraction of the stomach stimulate bowel movements, aiding in the elimination of stagnant food particles and stool from the gastrointestinal tract. This cleansing process purifies the body, promoting a sense of lightness and well-being.

3. Raising Metabolism

The intricate interplay of catabolic and anabolic processes primarily occurs during digestion. By practicing Agnisar Kriya and improving the digestive function, the body’s metabolism undergoes a positive transformation. As a result, the metabolic rate is enhanced, leading to increased efficiency in energy utilization and overall vitality.

4. Whole Body Nourishment

The elimination of toxins, particularly through the removal of stool, initiates a profound assimilation process within the body. This heightened assimilation enables superior digestion within the intestines, ensuring optimal absorption of nutrients.

Consequently, every cell in the body is nourished, fostering cellular regeneration and the creation of new, vibrant cells. The immense physiological and energetic benefits derived from this practice contribute to overall well-being of the body.

5. Journey towards vitality

Exploring the intricate aspects of Agnisar Kriya reveals its profound impact on the practitioner’s physiology. With enhanced digestion, efficient metabolism, toxin elimination, and cellular nourishment, this practice unlocks the path to vitality and holistic wellness.

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Agnisar Kriya Steps 

  • Sit in Padmasana or Sukh Asana on the floor and keep your hands on the knees. Now close your eyes while keeping normal breathing. 
  • Now breathe out slowly and stop it outside. Breathing out should be so deep that your abdominal wall goes in as far as possible. Now air should not enter the body via breathing.
  • Now put slight pressure by keeping the hands straight on the knees and start expansion and contraction of the stomach with the aim to touch the navel deep inside. Do this for about 10-15 times holding your breath out. 
  • Then breathe in releasing the abdomen back to normal, and breathe normally.
  • As per your capacity, you can do it for 5 minutes to 15 minutes. 

Duration of Agnisar kriya

This Kriya can be performed at least 10 times in one cycle which can be increased to 30 times.

Beginners can start with 5 cycles and as they grow in practice they can increase it to 15 times. 

If a person feels tired after doing this Kriya he can rest for some time and then practice Shavasana. 

Agnisar Kriya benefits

There are lots of benefits of agnisar kriya, it basically helps to regulate the fire element of our body, a fire that makes possible all other functions of the body.

Some of the many benefits of Agnisar Kriya are as follows:

1. Strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen

This Kriya is a process where the belly is churned out. It helps in strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, which further helps in curing all stomach-related disorders in the body. 

2. Strengthen lungs

This Kriya makes the lungs stronger because forceful breathing is involved in it. It takes care of all coughs and cold-related issues of the lungs thereby ensure smooth breathing. 

3. Helps as anti-aging process

This Kriya helps in the proper functioning of the organs thereby it delays the aging process. It revitalizes all organs of the body and builds immunity against all diseases. The practitioner of this Kriya manages to remain young for a long time. 

4. Regulate proper blood flow

This kriya makes the digestive fire regulated in a proper manner which very effectively digests the food, thereby making nutrition available to all parts of the body through proper blood flow. 

5. Massages the abdominal organs

This Kriya is an activity where the abdominal muscles are churned out very well and that helps in toning up and massaging the abdominal organs, particularly the belly.

6. Helps in sleeplessness 

Those who are facing sleeping disorders immensely benefit from the regular practice of this kriya. This kriya regulates the fire element of the body, which keeps the body warm and energetic the whole day, thereby removing sleeplessness during the daytime. 

7. Helps in curing Obesity 

This Kriya churns the abdominal area whereby it helps in removing the excess fat accumulated around the belly and navel area. So this kriya can be practiced to get rid of obesity. This kriya also regulate the fire element of the body which helps in burning the calories very effectively.  

8. Helps in curing digestive issues by stimulating the digestive fire

This Kriya massages the abdominal organs and the regular practice of this kriya gives relief from constipation, acidity, and other gastric problems. 

9. Helps in curing menstrual disorders

Apart from working on abdominal organs, Agnisar also stimulates pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organs. Regular practice of Agnisar gives relief from all menstrual discomforts, back pain, cramps, and heavy bleeding.  

10. Helpful to diabetic patients

This Kriya tones the internal organs like the liver and pancreas. It helps in regulating the proper secretion of insulin and other hormones by the liver. This Kriya also improves the metabolism rate of the body, thus provides such conditions that can also cure diabetes.

11. Eliminate waste out of the body

In the Agnisar kriya, the stomach muscles are vigorously contract and expand which stimulates bowel movement and removes the stagnant waste from the body. 

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Agnisar precautions and contraindications 

  1. People with high or low blood pressure should not perform this Kriya
  2. People suffering from hernia or intestinal issues should also avoid Agnisar
  3. People who have undergone any recent operation or abdominal surgery should not do Agnisar.
  4. Women during pregnancy and menstruation must not practice this Kriya.
  5. Head and back should remain erect during the practice of Agnisar kriya. 
  6. Avoid a heavy diet when practicing this kriya.   

Agnisar Kriya Side Effects:

As fire has tremendous benefits, but if wrongly handled fire can cause great destruction, the same is with Agnisar Kriya. This Kriya works on the fire element of the body, so those persons who are already having excess fire element in their bodies (which is known as Pitta in Ayurveda) practicing Agnisar can do more harm than good to them.

If your body constitution is Pitta dominated and you suffer from inflammation in the body, bile and liver disorders, diarrhea, acidity, stomach ulcers, and skin disorders such as hives and rashes. It shows that your Pitta is vitiated, in that case doing Agnisar Kriya is not recommended.

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Conclusion for Agnisar Kriya Benefits:

Agnisar Kriya benefits are much more than its side effects, it is also not very difficult to perform, but is very easy even for the beginners. This Kriya doesn’t require much time and has lots of health benefits, so all health enthusiasts should make a habit of practicing this Kriya every day. This kriya will also prepare the body for other Yoga practices and Asana.

FAQs: Agnisar kriya

  1. Can people with a hernia do Agnisar kriya?

    Ans: Those people who are suffering from a hernia should avoid doing Agnisar kriya because in this kriya the stomach is moved very rapidly and great pressure comes on the stomach wall, which can aggravate the condition of hernia.

  2. Will Agnisar Kriya increase heat in my body?

    Ans: If your body is predominately of ‘Pitta’ type then Agnisar kriya can increase the heat in the body, so those with ‘Pitta’ type should avoid doing Agnisar in the bright sun, you should find a cool place to perform this kriya. You can also do ‘Sheetli’ Pranayam after the ‘Agnisar kriya’ to cool down your body.

  3. How long I should do Agnisar kriya?

    Ans: If you are a beginner then you can do Agnisar Kriya for about 5 minutes and gradually you can increase it to 15 minutes.

Share your experience of doing Agnisar Kriya and let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding this Kriya in the comments section below.

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